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Reduced Prices

At Shower Enclosure Guys, low priced shower enclosure services mean that you can now own a shower enclosure at a fraction of the cost. Our experts will take you through the rigours of acquiring a stylish shower enclosure. This is not a mere acquisition but a worthwhile investment that will give you good returns for your time, effort and money. Make an effort today to reach us on 888-382-6161 and you will learn a great deal on how to make the most out of shower enclosures even with a limited budget.


Complementary shower enclosure Services

At Shower Enclosure Guys, complimentarily means that you can have seamless design and style of your shower enclosure. The flair, openness and fluidity will create a feel of modernity in your shower. This is combined with superior art and skill of making the best shower enclosures to suit your needs. There are no rooms for mistakes when it comes to the design and installation phases of the shower enclosures. Our experts are highly skilled in designing and installing shower enclosures as per your requirements. So, whether you need a shower enclosure for your residence or commercial undertaking, you can count on our superior services to help deliver on quality and standard


Timely delivery

Timeliness is one aspect of the business we put into serious consideration. Make a call to us now at 888-382-6161 and discover the urgency with which we take any shower enclosure orders. We have strictly followed schedules from the time of the procurement, design, installation and the maintenance services that follow thereafter. We also ensure that all the fittings installed are functioning properly and if there is need to replace them, and then our experts will move with speed to ensure that they are replaces with new ones without wasting any time.

Call us today at 888-382-6161 and enjoy our superior customer care services.

Personalized experience

The Shower Enclosure Guys aims at providing tailor made services that meet the needs of every client. This is founded on the understanding that no two customers have the same specifications. For instance, one could be in need for a frame less glass shower enclosure while another could be keen on a framed glass shower enclosure. As a result, we take down the specifics of every client and ship a ready to fit shower enclosure for them. This ensures that the needs of the customers are addressed in a most efficient way.

Shower Enclosure Guys shower enclosure resources

Shower Enclosure Guys finds the need to be self-sufficient. This comes by way of the inventory needed for the shower enclosure. Our experts are well versed with the hardware, tools, parts and other fittings that are needed to make complete installations of shower enclosures. Contact us on 888-382-6161 and learn more on how well stocked we are for all your shower enclosure parts requirements.


At Shower Enclosure Guys, we have all aspects of style that define your taste of shower enclosures. Whether it is traditional, contemporary or classic, you will be spoilt for choice. Our experts will help you to sample and select the best shower enclosure for your bathroom. Talk to our experts and learn more about the various styles of shower enclosures available


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